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Alternatively, download the paper application (DOC file).


How and why to join us, and frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) about F.A.S.T. and the trail system.


Q.  Do you have a membership application form on this site? 
Click here to get a MS Word Doc copy of our form, with instructions.

Q.  How much are club dues, and what do I get? 
A.   Look at our
membership application for these details.

Q.  Why Join a Club? The trails are free, right? 
A.  Yes, and no....  It is true that there is no toll booth at road crossings to collect money from you.  Please understand though, that the trails are NOT free. The fact that trails exist at all is a practical miracle.  Generous property owners give permission to local clubs to make trails across their land. Hundreds of hours of manual labor are expended by dedicated club members to cut and mark those trails, and it takes real dollars to build and maintain the bridges that keep us safe over water obstacles, as well as to repair and maintain the the trail groomers and equipment. Join now.

Q.  Where does this money come from? 
A.   A number of sources.  New York State Registration fees have historically provided 10-20% of annual funding, but a large amount is raised by the clubs fundraising efforts and membership dues. Donations of money, materials, time and expertise from supporting businesses and individuals help make up the shortfall.  There is always more need than there is supply. Join now.

Q.  Why should I join F.A.S.T.? 
A.  Lots of reasons.  Here are a few:

  • Make your voice heard on issues regarding snowmobiling in our region
  • Membership dues support trail efforts for 24 miles of scenic trail
  • Meet new friends and riding partners 
  • Membership packet includes F.A.S.T. Club Stickers and Oswego County Trail Map
  • Awesome social and fundraising events
  • Member discounts at supporting businesses
  • Join now.

Q.  What trails does F.A.S.T. maintain? 
We own and operate two groomers, a 2004 Tucker Snowcat 2000 dedicated groomer and a 2011 Polaris Ranger 800 HD full cab machine for trail maintenance and light grooming of about 24 miles of trail. This trail begins in the Granby area, then travels south through South Granby, across the Oswego River at Hinmansville into Phoenix, and connects to the Oswego County Recreation trail near County Route 6 in Volney then continues to Bell Road in Pennellville. Join now.

Q.  Are there any places to "Park and Ride" along this trail? 
Yes - there are three.  The county maintains a parking lot where the Oswego County Recreation Trail begins on County Route 6 in Volney/Fulton.  Also, RFH's Hide-A-Way restaurant and motel located at 1058 Cty Rt 57 in Phoenix and Roadhouse 48 located at 264 New York 48 in Fulton both have large parking lots and great food to boot! Join now.

Q.  Does F.A.S.T. have a mission statement? 
A.  Yes. Our Mission is to promote safe and enjoyable snowmobiling and further education of the sport. By recognizing that others will judge all snowmobilers by our actions, we will use our influence with other snowmobilers to promote sportsman like conduct. This means respecting other Winter sportspersons right to enjoy their recreational activities. We will know and obey all state and local laws regulating snowmobiling in areas we ride. Most importantly, we will respect other people's property and rights. The use of our trails is a priviledge, not a right. 
FAST also participates in community events and fundraisers each year, making contributions to many worthwhile organizations and individuals in need. Join now.

Q.  What's the History of F.A.S.T.? 
A.  F.A.S.T. was started in 1985 by a small group of avid snowmobilers hoping to improve the sport of snowmobiling in Southern Oswego County.  Through their efforts, FAST has grown to include about 400 families all dedicated to promoting the sport of snowmobiling while working to keep it safe and enjoyable. Join now.