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Trail Coordinator Mike Schmid (315-440-5897) 


March 11, 2021- TRAIL IS CLOSED! 

March 1- Went out yesterday in the Ranger and GPS'ed our entire trail ("Thanks, Mike D.!"). It's bad- I won't ride my $12,000 machine on it, although we did see half-a-dozen riders. Since the weather report is calling for 1-3 inches tonight, and temperatures for the coming weekend are looking to be colder, our trail will remain "Open" at least through the weekend. BE CAREFUL and know that there is a lot of MUD and WATER! AND, you must STAY ON THE TRAIL! It is all private property and there is no permission to ride off the trail... Trespassers could cause the loss of the trail.

Feb 25- It's snowing at this moment... I haven't groomed since Feb 4, but a couple of other club volunteers have.  ("Thanks" to Mike and Brian). I have been out of town, enjoying my own week of sledding on some great trail systems (I'm not saying where- I don't want it ruined by crowds...) The only contact I've had about our trail was two landowners concerned about sledders on their property (and they are not even PART of our trail!). We put up some signs and, hopefully, are redirecting these illegal sledders to a more acceptable alternative. 

The Fulton Area Snow Travelers snowmobile club does not, and will not, endorse nor support trespassers! (Go to the internet for a definition of "trespassing"!)  STAY ON THE TRAIL or STAY HOME!

February 4- Trail groomed last night. Snow amount much better. It's discouraging to see the trail freshly groomed on the way "out", only to see, on the way "back", no sign of the trail having just been groomed.  BE CAREFUL when leaving the groomed trail- locals are familiar with the terrain and leave tracks where there can be unmarked hazards. 

January 30- Trail groomed, 1/29. Disappointing, how little snow.  Also disappointing, seeing all the tracks NOT on the trail.  I hope landowners don't mind!

January 23- Our trail is open! It has been groomed, from Rathburn Rd all the way to County Rte 46.  Beware the mud- and water-holes- the ground is not yet frozen, and neither is the water!  It would be nice if things froze tonight, and we got another few inches. 

January 21, 2021- Tried to groom the southern portion of the trail- not pretty...  Too little snow, made more of a mess than anything; going to wait for more snow in the southern part of Oswego County.  You folks up nearer to Fulton will have to cope with deeper snow for a while longer.  We're not going to take a chance of damaging our rebuilt groomer just to get up there. Sorry!

January 20, 2021-  Well, it appears that winter has finally arrived.  The plan is to groom our trail tomorrow (1/21/21) for the first time.  Any hazards- unfrozen water, downed trees/limbs, will be dealt with as best as possible, and warnings (again, as possible) will be posted. ALWAYS, ride smart, be safe.

Dec 30- The trail is still not "Open"- despite a decent snowfall, already it is melting away.  We would like to have ice instead of open water...  On a different note- the FAST trail is a "connector trail", not a "destination trail system".   Our trail is the only one that connects east/west across the Oswego River, north of Syracuse.  We have one restaurant, no gas stations, no POIs, and no designated parking areas on our trail; it serves locals as a "way out of town" and travelers a way through.  Despite heavy/early snowfall, there is only 19 miles of trail in our system.

Dec 25- Merry Christmas! Obviously, our trail is not yet open... The groomer certainly won't be out before Dec 30th, so, IF you try to ride the trail before then, BE VERY CAREFUL!  No one else is responsible for your safety- that's part of what makes our sport great. And, unless you're one of our volunteers, no complaints about the trail will be taken.

December 21, 2020- Due to the recent death of one of our landowners, there's a new trail, running east/west, just south of County Line Road, through Hubbards' fields. This eliminates the trail south into Onondaga County, through Misita's and Wilford's properties, over to Fairbrothers'.  No more beaver problems- flooding/washouts/bridge erosion. The new trail crosses Oswego County Route 14, just south of County Line Road, proceeds west to Oswego County Route 55.  Junction ON 005C is moved northeastward. All is clearly marked.  Also, C5 runs from the junction south to and alongside Fenner Road, to the old trail through Spike Pickard's property.  Your trail app will not soon reflect these changes, so follow the signs and groomer path!  North from the Junction, the trail to Fulton generally follows National Grid's power lines. This section is still sparsely marked; however, trail from Russell Rd to Rathburn Rd is mostly done, especially the mucks and the area from the Granby Highway barns north to Lakeshore Rd.

I am available by phone for questions/concerns and positive ideas.


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